Hello! Sonic ranch was established in 2023 with one goal:


becoming the most affordable vintage designer & archive fashion supply store in singapore 

How do we source all this good ahh shit?


We hand select every item.


it’s a deliberate and painstakingly slow process, 
but we can confidently say that each piece has been carefully curated.

we want to showcase unique, niche designs and will never compromise quality for output.

every piece has a story

How do we keep prices low?


we simply do not profit as much as stores selling standard mass-bought vintage clothing.

we want to make designer brands more accessible for the youth

and deliver clothes that will only appreciate in value




Important things to note:

most of the pieces we carry are second hand. while we have a qc process, do not expect pristine, out of factory garments.

– All serious defects will be highlighted to the buyer and plainly displayed in listing pictures.

– refunds are unfortunately not allowed 

– if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will gladly exchange it for an item of equivalent value, or store credit

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